A List of Fun Facts About Kunochan

Medieval woodcut of a man with many wounds.
Medieval woodcut of a man with many wounds.

I asked ChatGPT to write a Nick Cave song about me. It’s delightfully terrible.

(Verse 1)

In a realm of ink and tales, Erik strides the path,
Chasing legends of old, feeling destiny’s wrath.
By daylight a scribe, but night reveals more,
A Time Lord in disguise, with stories galore.


Kunochan, with a pen so deft,
Crafting epics, with every breath left.
From Middle-earth’s heart to Satellite’s jest,
He grooves to post-punk, standing out from the rest.

(Verse 2)

In the heart of the Shire, where the Silmarils gleam,
Kuno dreams of Valinor, and tales yet unseen.
With joystick in hand, he conquers the game,
Retro worlds of pixels, where he’s earned his fame.


Classic anime, with tales so profound,
Where heroes and villains, in battles are found.
With dice and a board, he crafts his own lore,
Tabletop RPGs, where adventures soar.

(Verse 3)

A post-punk spirit, with a rhythm so raw,
To the beats of old legends, Kuno saw,
A universe where tales and tunes intertwine,
Where every chord, spins a narrative fine.


Kunochan, a name known so wide,
In realms of fantasy, he takes in stride.
From Daleks’ pursuit to the arcade’s song,
In Kuno’s universe, we all belong.


So raise a toast to Erik, a bard of the age,
With passions and dreams, that leap off the page.
From anime classics to the RPG’s art,
Kunochan’s tales, touch every heart.