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Handwritten notes in the Principia Mathematica

Principia (prin’·kip·i·ə): a serial by Erik David Even

Series 1: Glorious (14 stories)

The year is 1685. Torn apart by the Monmouth Rebellion and the Bloody Assizes, Britain careens towards full-scale revolution. The Catholic king, a pawn of the French, alienates his Protestant subjects by ignoring the rights of his citizens, persecuting the established Church, and arming his coreligionists in Ireland.

Meanwhile, secret societies plot for control of the British crown. Foreign invasion looms. And behind closed doors, alchemists and sorcerers prepare to battle for supremacy.

At Densmore College, Cambridge, young Edgar Delapore is unaware he will become a pawn in the machinations of these dark forces. He will turn for aid to two men — Jonathan Lennon, a strange American with a mysterious past; and Isaac Newton, an eccentric scholar with a brilliant mind. But both men have ties to the very forces that seek to control England, in This World and the Other.


Principia 0: An Unexpected Assault on La Route de Meyrin (introductory story — FREE PDF)
5500 words
The unexpected origin of Jonathan Lennon.

Principia 1: The Strange Affair of Canter’s Yon
22,100 words
Are young girls going missing in the remote village of Switton? Or is the mystery something stranger?

Principia 2: An Uncanny Encounter at Longover House
23,200 words
A trip home for the holidays reveals an unusual secret in Edgar Delapore’s past.

Principia 3: The Terror of Withersmouth
Lennon, Delapore, and Ruthven are trapped in a coastal village that is not what it seems.

Coming soon:

Principia 4: A Plague Upon Cardiganshire
The Man with One Red Hand begins his thaumaturgical terror on the behalf of the Coterie; and Ruthven is revealed as their agent.

You can purchase the stories in Kindle format on Amazon; or find more information on the Purchase page.

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