Principia 3: “The Terror of Withersmouth” is published!


The third full-length story in the Principia serial, The Terror of Withersmouth, is now available on Amazon!

A snippet from the story was previously posted here. The full tale is 20,000 words, the longest so far — the stories keep getting longer, think of it as value for your money!

Lovecraft fans will recognize this as an homage to the classic novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1936).

Let me know what you think via email or in the comments!

Coming soon (probably February): Principia 4: A Plague Upon Cardiganshire

The first three stories are published!

Amazon Kindle Store.

Well, I’ve figured out the Amazon Kindle Store back end for the most part; my Author Page is created. I’ve finished editing and re-editing the first three stories. I’ve created the covers.

And as of today, all three stories are available to buy on Amazon. Hooray!

For right now, Amazon is the only site I’m using; and Kindle is the only format. But that will change.

More details on the Purchase page!