You may purchase stories in the Principia serial by visiting the Amazon Author Page for Erik David Even, or by clicking on the image to the right.

At this time, the serial is only available in Kindle format through Amazon. That will change soon. If there is a file format you would prefer, or a site you would like to see Principia sold through, please let me know!

Direct links:

Principia 0: An Unexpected Assault on La Route de Meyrin (Kindle format for $0.99; get the PDF for FREE to the right! →

Principia 1: The Strange Affair of Canter’s Yon

Principia 2: An Uncanny Encounter at Longover House

Principia 3: The Terror of Withersmouth

Coming February 2015:

Principia 4: A Plague Upon Cardiganshire