Th’ Characters

Moliere's company performing (1670).

Dramatis Perſonae

Mr. Jonathan Lennon of Virginia

A mysterious gentleman who appeared at Cambridge in the winter of 1684 demanding to see Mr. Isaac Newton. Has been living in Mr. Netwon’s rooms at Trinity College ever since. A man of mysterious habits and a more mysterious past. He possesses secrets that could change the course of history.

Mr. Edgar Delapore of Densmore College, Cambridge

One of Cambridge University’s most promising young scholars, a gifted expert in Theology and the Occult. He was recently recruited as an Agent of the Crown, and assigned to investigate unsolved mysteries throughout the island, both natural and occult. His current task — uncover the mysterious origins of Mr. Jonathan Lennon.

Mr. Isaac Newton of Trinity College, Cambridge

A brilliant but eccentric scholar, and formerly a rising star of the Royal Society. Deeply religious and obsessively secretive, Newton rarely leaves his rooms and almost never publishes his work. Since meeting Jonathan Lennon, he has abandoned his work in Natural Philosophy and dedicated himself entirely to Alchemy.

Mr. James Bainbridge, Master of Densmore College, Cambridge

A highly respected Cambridge scholar, Bainbridge is tasked with overseeing metaphysical and occult investigations for the Crown. He is Worshipful Master of the Cambridge Masonic Lodge, and has developed a keen interest in Jonathan Lennon and his origins. He is also secretly beholden to another authority.

The Man with One Red Hand, aka Our Mutual Friend

A dark, masked gentleman even more mysterious than Mr. Lennon; a murderer, provocateur, and magus.

Miss Eliza Day of Brinnish House, Coket-on-Sea, Essex

To be introduced.

James Gordon, 4th Baron Ruthven of Waymere

A handsome, well-educated, charismatic, and utterly ruthless member of the Coterie, a secret society with designs on the English throne.

Lady Jane Abigail Gray

To be introduced.

Alexander Waverley, 2nd Duke of Wessex

One of the Great Men of England, a personal friend of King James II, and a man of unbridled ambition and boundless hate. The leader of the Coterie, he imagines himself the next King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the founder of a new royal house.

Bedelia Waverley, Duchess of Wessex

The new, young bride of the Duke of Wessex, married less than a year after the mysterious death of the previous Duchess. She is a distant cousin to the Stuarts, and the Duke intends to bolster his claim to the throne with her bloodline.

Sir Arwyn Temple of Denbighshire, Wales

To be introduced.