Principia 3: “The Terror of Withersmouth” is published!


The third full-length story in the Principia serial, The Terror of Withersmouth, is now available on Amazon!

A snippet from the story was previously posted here. The full tale is 20,000 words, the longest so far — the stories keep getting longer, think of it as value for your money!

Lovecraft fans will recognize this as an homage to the classic novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1936).

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Coming soon (probably February): Principia 4: A Plague Upon Cardiganshire

A snippet from Principia 3: “The Terror of Withersmouth”

17th Century map of Wales.

I am working on the first draft of the third full story in the Principia series, “The Terror of Withersmouth.” Here’s a snippet:

There were a fair number of locals in the common room, all young men who appeared to be friends of the inn-keeper, himself a Welshman in his 20s. Lennon and Delapore were the only foreigners until supper was being served, when a newcomer arrived.

He was a tall English gentleman, almost Lennon’s height, and about his age too, in his mid 30s. He was clean-shaven, with features that Lennon would call “chiseled,” and blue eyes that Lennon would call “penetrating.” His head was covered with a brown periwig, one in the shorter, more reserved style of an English country gentleman.

He wore a red body-coat, reminiscent of Lennon’s crimson justaucorps, but of a far more refined and simple design, along with a white cravat and knee-breeches. His shoes bore buckles in the current London style. He was a man of wealth, but a man of the country, one who was perfectly aware of the London fashions, but only adhered to those that matched his taste.

The newcomer strode over to the inn-keep, and made arrangements for himself and his man. He disappeared for a few minutes to his upstairs room, and was followed soon after by a servant bearing a trunk. But within a quarter-hour, the newcomer was back in the common room, eager to make the acquaintance of what he took to be the only other two Englishmen in residence.

“James Gordon, Lord Ruthven,” he introduced himself with a bow.

The social media sites are launched!

Evil Isaac Newton and the Fire of London.. You don't know he didn't start it.

Okay, so my social media strategy is a little… complex.

There is a Facebook page for Principia, associated with my personal Facebook. That’s simple enough.

Then I created an Isaac Newton-themed Twitter feed and Google + page. These will have Newton quotes, Newton news, and of course, Principia posts. The Twitter and G+ buttons on this site go to those.

And then… I created Evil Isaac Newton, on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. He’s a bit NSFW, and I hope he generates some interest.

The Newton of Principia is not Evil Isaac Newton. But then, he’s not precisely the Newton of history, either. We know that many of Newtons papers were destroyed after his death, by supporters who wished to protect his reputation. What was in those papers? I have some ideas.

The first three stories are published!

Amazon Kindle Store.

Well, I’ve figured out the Amazon Kindle Store back end for the most part; my Author Page is created. I’ve finished editing and re-editing the first three stories. I’ve created the covers.

And as of today, all three stories are available to buy on Amazon. Hooray!

For right now, Amazon is the only site I’m using; and Kindle is the only format. But that will change.

More details on the Purchase page!