The social media sites are launched!

Evil Isaac Newton and the Fire of London.. You don't know he didn't start it.

Okay, so my social media strategy is a little… complex.

There is a Facebook page for Principia, associated with my personal Facebook. That’s simple enough.

Then I created an Isaac Newton-themed Twitter feed and Google + page. These will have Newton quotes, Newton news, and of course, Principia posts. The Twitter and G+ buttons on this site go to those.

And then… I created Evil Isaac Newton, on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. He’s a bit NSFW, and I hope he generates some interest.

The Newton of Principia is not Evil Isaac Newton. But then, he’s not precisely the Newton of history, either. We know that many of Newtons papers were destroyed after his death, by supporters who wished to protect his reputation. What was in those papers? I have some ideas.

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