Rant #3: A ‘Charmed’ Spin-Off? What the Hell is Wrong with Fans???

There’s a mobile billboard parked across the street from our offices; and, more pertinently, across the street from CBS Enterprises, a television production and distribution company.

It was placed there by a group of fans demanding a Charmed spin-off.

What the HELL has happened to fandom?

Are we so desperate for sci-fi and fantasy content, we’ll not only put up with crappy novelizations (Star Wars and Star Trek books), crappy TV movies (I’m thinking anything produced by the Sci-Fi Channel), lousy comic book adaptations (I’m looking at YOU, Jessica Alba), and execrable TV shows, but we’ll BEG FOR MORE?

Why, in the late ’60s and early ’70s, did America’s legions of sci-fi fans make themselves known by clamoring for the return of Star Trek? Maybe because many episodes of that show were brilliant, written by top genre scribes? Maybe because there had never been anything like it on television before? Maybe because it offered a hopeful future free from racism and war? Maybe because it was the only alternative to the “talking carrot” seasons of Lost in Space?

But the legacy of the successful effort to save Trek, here in the 21st Century, is that every time a sci-fi show gets cancelled, someone has to rally to save it, whether the show deserves it or not. Occasionally, the effort is worthwhile (Firefly). Other times, it’s simply baffling (Enterprise, Stargate SG-1).

Should every sci-fi show, regardless of merit, last forever? And merit doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it — where were the legions to save the live-action The Tick, a show genuinely worth saving? Or Max Headroom?

I’ve gotten a lot of grief for daring to criticize Babylon 5. But you know what? Good or bad, B5 was a labor of love by one man, J. Michael Straczynski. I think the people who worship that show are basically responding to the man and his vision. Like Chris Carter or Joss Whedon or even Gene Roddenberry, Straczynski had a message and was able to get it across. B5 may have been art of inconsistent quality, but it was art.

Charmed was not art. It was PRODUCT. It was not a labor of love. Tori Spelling saw The Craft, and told her dad, who said “hey, I could sell that pile of shit to 13-year-old girls.” Charmed was focus-group-driven pablum, pretty actresses surrounded by cheap and lazy special effects. As an “occult drama” it had all the depth of Bewitched (but none of the charm).

Christ, it’s not just that Charmed was bad. Lots of worthwhile things are “bad.” It’s that Charmed didn’t matter. At all. Nor did its creators intend it to matter. It was designed to fill an hour of network time, and lure teens with undeveloped tastes into watching commercials for skin cleaner.

My message to the people who want a Charmed spin-off: all the money you spent on that billboard could have been spent to feed the homeless, cure Cystic Fibrosis, or bring back Firefly. Try developing some discretion. The creative community can do a hell of a lot better than Charmed — and so can you.


  1. WOAH! Anonymous Charmed Fan, you don’t have to be so hostile. Cool it will ya.
    The person who started this Rant, is very much allowed to do so. Just because they don’t agree with you doesn’t mean you can insult them!

    I can tell you are passionate about Charmed, but it’s over with, done, finished…

    And the Writers have basically covered everything in Charmed so what would there be in a spin-off? I’ll tell you, Basically the same stuff you have already seen for the past 8 years. So there’s really no need.

  2. Actually there are alot of things left unfinished which it would be nice to find out the rest of the story as well. “The future of the charmed line” and how was the powers separated between the three sister’s childeren. Season 7 left us with the Charmed Ones saying they will be free to raise the next generation. Season 8 left us with the final batter and seeing the childeren coming in the front door.
    A spin-off should let us know how the charmed grandchildren will be taught magic and who will be the leader of the bunch helping with the fight of good vs evil.

  3. Charmed was one of the best tv shows out there. I am 23 and I loved it I own seasons 1-6 on box set my mom loved it as well. So for you to say only 13 year olds liked it your wrong! It had everything it was funny,action pack and it showed a bond of sister-hood. I would love for a spin off!

  4. Check out
    charmed-net.de/en/index.asp and they have created a season 9 actor script. It’s not on video but it is scripted sho you can imagine the actores acting it out. Have fun reading. I have already read up to episode 9.05. It is great. I don’t like to read for fun just work but I have set some time aside to do so and I love it.


  5. Well.. that’s not much then, just the future of thei’r line.. It’s been done, we’ve seen Chris, know that Wyatt is gonna be good.. Not much to cover.

    And anyway, the Show was meant to be about the Charmed Ones.. the Power of Three… the Sisters!

    I am a Charmed fan like i’ve already said before and i don’t think there should be a spin-off. Charmed got progressively worse… there’s no need to put people through the mindless boredom any longer.

  6. what the hell are you talking about , charmed is one of the best shows ever , if it was so crappy why did it last 8 years , so just shut up instead of telling this crap

  7. uno. the fuckin show is fuckin fake ya we know. but to some ppl it is an addiction, and it is real to THEM. they may have a wierd imagination. like JOEY. but still the show, is like totally awsome. so like you fukin sons of bitches stop saying SHIT!! fuck you culero bastardo.>!!

  8. Charmed is a great show and you may not like it but fans do. I DON’T like your website but i bet that you like it!!!!!!!!!And yeah i support the fact that you think that money could go to better uses like those people in poor countries but your wrong in the fact that you are sad enough to sit and make this website when you could be doing better things to help those who are in need!!!!!!

  9. Josh who has left comments said that he doesn’t want a Charmed spinoff, why put people through the mindless boredom any longer. Well no offence but if you get bored and don’t like it, no body is forcing you to sit down and watch it are they!!!!!!

  10. your an ass,
    Charmed was a great show
    with great actors and actresses
    you have no right judging
    anything! wut tha hell you
    watch on t.v.? the show was
    about sisters findin there
    way and with tha action
    it was a kick ass show
    so stf up!

  11. You have a right to your opinion, as do the fans of a show and an idea they would like to see happen. You exercise your American right, we’ll express ours. Blessed be.

  12. Josh you a stupid and jelous ho i loved and still love charmed it needs a spin off you bitch you just need to go eat some fish i have watched from season 4-8 and not missed a episode so you need to quit hating you stupid pedophile i will leave and say that The HALLIWELL name will be back okayyy

  13. Andy you will be vanquished by the power of three you motherfucking bitch with yo stanky ass pussy go douche

  14. there are an unbelivable amount of charmed fans out there i’m i’am sorry but anyone saying charmed is bad need to sit down and watch it.
    As the years went on the seris got better then it was just ended the amount of viewers for a charmed spin off would be hundreds there should be one made with the sons ….. rock on charmed

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